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What does it mean to be a member of Calvary Chapel Coronado - Living Waters?

The New Testament defines the universal church as all true believers in Jesus Christ.  A local church, such as Calvary Chapel-Living Waters, is simply the local gathering of those followers. The Bible encourages us to join a church where we may participate in fellowship, ministry, teaching, prayer, discipleship, and evangelism. This is generally evident in these four areas.

  1. Attendance and involvement in church activities including worship services
  2. Serving as a person with unique abilities to the growth and health of the church
  3. Giving of tithes and offerings as demonstrations of trust and obedience to our Lord in support of this local church and its mission outreaches
  4. Becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ and going forth and making disciples of others.
  5. Praying for and submitting to the leadership (including pastor, elders, etc) that the Lord has established as overseers.

Our Missionaries & Ministries

Our church supports the following

Hilda & Cynthia Alexander
Living Waters Fellowship
Chennai, India 

David and Katie Hess
Every Nation Campus
Ministry and World Missions 


Pastor Pat Kenney
Poimen Ministry








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